Andalusian Solidarity Association for Development

ASAD ( is a Spanish NGDO based in Granada and dedicated since 2005 to International Cooperation, Education and Awareness projects where communication is considered one of the essential keys to citizen empowerment and participation of the civil society. ASAD aims to contribute to changing the structures that impede the development of communities in accordance with their own values and principles. To achieve these objective, ASAD’s transversal tool is the communication for social justice, based on the concept of the Right to Communication, recognized as the legal protection of all people in their access to truthful, plural and unbiased information, and the right to create their own discourses in order to become defenders of their own rights. That is why we use participatory methodologies, New Interactive Media and trainings in audiovisual, artivism, street theatre and participatory photography (among others), as tools to enable participants to demand social justice with their own voice.