University of Salento

The University of Salento ( is a young medium-sized university located in Lecce (South Italy), funded in 1955 with the aim of promoting knowledge, skill and merit and has offered a large range of educational opportunities. The University of Salento has: 340 Academic staff, 311 Research staff, 513 non-academic staff, 17.831 Bachelor- and Master-degree students, 8 postgraduate courses and 336 postgraduate students, 8 Research Departments, 12 Inter- departmental Research Centers, 17 Research Centers, 11 Ph.D. Programs, 355 Ph.D. Students, 6 Master´s degree programs entirely taught in English, more than 150 Erasmus agreements.

The Department of History, Society and Human Studies, partner in MIGRIMAGE project, has a wide and varied experience in the management of projects with European, national and regional funding. The Department has a significant presence of scholars of cultural and communication processes who have carried out scientific research and gained international experience in the fields of the sociology of art and culture.