One of the intellectual outputs of MIGRIMAGE will be the creation of an inter-university master’s degree that will start next academic year 2022/2023. This master’s degree will be the result of two years of collaboration between the MIGRIMAGE partners. As a preview of the work we are carrying out, we would like to highlight three aspects of the master’s degree that we consider to be innovative and relevant:

CONTENTS. The master’s degree developed by MIGRIMAGE is presented as the only European master’s degree that jointly addresses the discipline of culture and border studies from the perspective of communication. This master’s degree will offer an in-depth knowledge of both the socio-political border context of southern Europe and the visual representations of borders and the people who cross them that are given in the media. At MIGRIMAGE we believe that all knowledge in this context must also be a transformative tool, which is why we include three itineraries focused on the multidisciplinary use of communication and aimed at overcoming the narratives that criminalize and victimize migration. We want to transmit tools to communicate the border from new, critical, transformative narratives, and carried out in a collaborative way migrants and local populations.

LOCATION. This is a transnational master’s degree that covers the southern European border landscape through the consortium’s network of universities: the University of Granada, with campuses in Granada, Ceuta and Melilla; the University of Salento, based in Lecce, and the University of the Aegean, based in Mytilene (Lesvos). The MIGRIMAGE master’s degree thus links different locations of great relevance as cross-border transit areas between Africa and Europe. Our aim is to offer future students the possibility of developing studies and practices that make spatial interrelationships visible in a transnational border context.

TRANSFERENCE OF KNOWLEDGE. Through this master’s degree we link universities and NGOs in the consortium on a permanent basis. This innovative element allows academia to transgress the internal borders of knowledge, offering itself as a tool for working together with the context and border populations from a transformative and committed perspective.

At MIGRIMAGE we continue, with great enthusiasm, to work on the creation of this master’s degree, which we consider innovative and necessary. Stay tuned to the project’s networks to find out about its progress.