MIGRIMAGE launch its Border School of Cinema and Journalism.

Between January and April, MIGRIMAGE partners are conducting training workshops on audiovisual tools for young migrants, NGO volunteers and university students. These trainings are linked to the Border School of Cinema and Journalism, and the audiovisual products generated will be included in the project’s webdoc.

In Spain, ASAD is the coordinator of these trainings. During the months of January and February, around 30 young people from the Fundación Escuela de la Solidaridad (http://escuela- solidaridad.org) in Granada will be developing different short films that narrate their dreams and experiences in relation to their migratory route. Greece, through the MOSAIK School (LESOL) in Lesvos, is training several young people in photography to collaboratively create stories that will be collected through the creation of photocomics. Finally, the Italian partner ARCI in Lecce, is im- plementing workshops for training in stopmotion and video editing with cell phones.

These workshops are using the 10 didactic guides developed by the project, which teach in a simple and didactic way, how to use tools close to young people, such as the cell phone, to create professional audiovisual products. With these trainings, the young people of the Border School of Cinema and Journalism will be able to transmit relevant stories to narrate in a different way the migrations in the Southern Border of Europe.