Registrations are now open for the Summer School MEDITERRANEAN BORDERS AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES, in the training itinerary in Digital Journalism and Migration Issues, led by University of Salento, Lecce – Italy.

The aim is to carry out a pilot synthesis of the academic contents developed in the Erasmus + K203 MIGRIMAGE project, combining innovative communication tools and linking the three areas of the southern border where the project is being developed. Topics such as transmedia narratives and social activism, digital and citizen journalism, collective mapping and audiovisual creation as tools for active border research will be discussed. 

The Lecce summer school will take place from 29 August to 10 September 2022, alternating lesson times, workshops and an internship program in collaboration with ARCI Cooperativa Solidale Lecce. During the two weeks of teaching activity, in addition to UniSalento specialized teachers, invited speakers and experts from public bodies and institutions will give lessons on the so-called «refugee crisis» on the southern border of the Mediterranean, and will provide the tools for a critical use of digital information .

«The Migrimage project thus enters its final phase», emphasizes Professor Stefano Cristante, scientific director of the UniSalento summer school, «after a joint work that lasted two years, managing to overcome the communication limits imposed by the pandemic, thanks to the common passion for projects with a strong social and communicative impact. For the University of Salento it was certainly important to collaborate with two other universities in Southern Europe and with NGOs very active on the issue of migration, and now we hope that our summer courses will be an opportunity to to deepen the use of participatory journalism on such a decisive issue».

The UniSalento Summer School is open to a maximum of 15 students and is aimed at students of study courses in Social, Political, Legal and Communication Sciences. 10 ECTS will be recognised.

In addition to the UniSalento Summer School, the University of Granada and the University of the Aegean offer a series of free ONLINE seminars in ENGLISH, you can register for one or more of these seminars optionally.

For more information on the program and how to register, you can write to